The Best Approach for Designing and Building Sloping Block Homes

28 February 2020

Designing and building homes in slopes can be complicated. However, the result of constructing these homes can be mesmerising and captivating. These homes usually have unprecedented views of the nearby crowded city or untouched mountains. Sloping block homes also provide enhanced security and privacy because of their unusual location.

The complicated nature of constructing sloping block homes can make it difficult for homeowners to pick and hire the best contractor for the project. However, the best contractors for sloping block homes practice a professional approach that can benefit both the homeowners and the contractors.

This certain approach requires good and informed collaboration between the two parties so that the sloping block homes will harmoniously come into fruition. The contractor must know and gather all important information about you and your preference so that they can determine the best option for your sloping block home. To give you an idea, here are some things that you should know about this approach.

Assessment and Adaptation

Contractors who openly collaborate with their clients have the edge to create homes that perfectly match a client’s preference. The first thing that contractors must do is to assess and research everything about the site. From the physical aspect down to legal matters, all of these things must be accounted for so that the designing and building activity won’t be affected by unchecked factors. Moreover, the assessment will help contractors craft a design that is unique to your site.

See the Property from Above

One great way to assess your property is to see it from different viewpoints. Contractors will invite you to join them and physically check the site to show their proposed initial designs and layout. They would even show you the prospect location of the rooms that you want. Moreover, all difficulties that they might encounter will be discussed during site visits.

Apart from site visits, contractors can get more viewpoints and perspectives about your soon-to-rise sloping block home through drones and virtual reality. They use drone shots to determine all possible site designs that can maximise the neighbouring view and structures. Virtual reality, on the other hand, is used to provide a prospect home design to life.

Briefing Process and Collaboration

The briefing process and collaboration will only be effective if your contractor will meet and coordinate with you regularly. Both parties must meet regularly so that all property designs, considerations, problems, and other aspects are thoroughly and clearly discussed. Contractors, which are mainly composed of the architect, interior designer, and builder, must also know your style, preference, budget, and other significant aspects so that they can come out with a great customised home design. Once they have crafted the design and other technical aspects, it is up to you to either modify some elements or finally give them a green light for the construction process.

When a contractor follows this approach, you are ensured of a sloping block home that accurately represents your preferences. If you need a contractor for your sloping block home construction, then you can hire us at Ike Building. We are expert home builders and contractors that specialise in building residential properties, particularly custom homes, luxury homes on difficult and slope sites, townhouses, and apartment blocks.