Build Your Luxury Custom Home on a Budget: How to Go About It?

21 October 2020

One of the best investments that you can work and spend on right now is properties. The value of properties like luxury homes is known to appreciate over time, which can be a great deal for you in the long run. With outstanding overall design and style, coupled with proper repairs and maintenance, a luxury home can be an enticing asset that a lot of potential property buyers would want to obtain.

And so, if you want to own a luxury home, then this would be the best time to plan for it. A part of your planning process should deal with how your allocated budget will be distributed across the span of the construction works. Your fixed budget must likewise be enough to sustain the project over time. To help you out, here are some tips that you can do for your luxury custom home project can finally proceed.

Setting a Reasonable Budget

If you are planning to build a luxury custom home, you must ensure first that your budget can truly cover every process that will be involved in making it come to life. One common mistake that a lot of property owners tend to do is to proceed with the project without allocating the budget strategically and sensibly. And as their project progress, they are often left with no choice but to add more money to the set budget. A reasonable and realistic budget can already fulfill all the expenses needed for the luxury custom home. Your budget must cover the building materials, labour fees, utility fees, insurance, and many more.

Keeping Everything Simple

Sometimes, simple and minimal home design can look more beautiful and luxurious than a home that is filled with a lot of intricate design and embellishments. A luxury home can already look grand and classy with designs that follow simple styles and elements. One of the great simple designs that you can incorporate into your luxury custom home is the open-plan living space. This specific layout has much fewer internal walls compared to others, but it is still functional and can even provide convenience to you and your family. Integrating simple design plans and floor layouts can easily save you a lot of money.

Finding the Best Alternatives

Not all expensive construction materials are durable. They are also not the defining elements of a luxury custom home. So, as long as the overall style and design of the home are functional and eye-appealing, then materials and fittings that are a little cheaper can be utilised. Fittings and materials that you may want to consider in your luxury custom home may not cost a high amount, but they can still be valuable for your property, especially if they have outstanding qualities. Durable and long-lasting materials can all be used for your luxury custom home even if they cost almost less than half of other expensive materials.

All these simple tips can already provide you great savings on your budget while you are on the way to fulfilling your luxury custom home. To have your own luxury custom home, just give us a call at Ike Building. We are an expert home builder and contractor specialising in residential building properties such as custom homes, luxury homes on difficult and slope sites, townhouses, and apartment blocks.