Ike Building Specialists on Difficult Sloping Sites for Luxury Homes in Melbourne

12 August 2020

Most people would usually find a lot that is flat and situated near the main roads. The purpose of this site description is for their homes to be closer to certain shops and establishments. However, others would just secure a sloping site as it tends to be cheaper in value. Fortunately, homes that are built on top of a difficult sloping site can be designed with a complicated yet stunning style and theme.

Benefits of Luxury Homes on Sloping Sites

Sloping sites are pieces of land that have a mild to evident incline or decline, far from the conventional flat building sites. These sites have uneven levels of elevation that may either rise or fall across the whole area. They may be difficult to work on, but the results of constructing homes on these sites are worthy of all the time and resources. If you truly want to use sloping sites for your luxury home in Melbourne, then you may want to expect the following benefits:

  • Stunning Views: As mentioned, sloping sites have some sort of elevation that grants property owners a unique yet beautiful home design. The available design for these homes can easily grant owners access to the outstanding view of the surrounding natural landscape. And if you are lucky, you may even see the mountains or bodies of water that surround your luxury home every day.
  • Natural Lighting: Building luxury homes on flat sites often need strong artificial lighting on their interiors since multiple buildings around the site have already blocked most of the natural light. Luxury homes on sloping sites, on the other hand, can enjoy a lot of natural light since these sites have typically fewer buildings and properties.
  • Smooth Drainage:The problem with drainage does not truly concern properties on sloping sites since the drainage can easily take place. Properties on flat sites, in contrast, must build a huge network of pipes just to accommodate suitable drainage systems.
  • Creative Design: What is great about luxury homes on sloping sites is that they can achieve stunning exterior and welcoming interior style, looks, and design. The designs available for these luxury homes can even manifest the spread of living areas across multiple sections of the property. Landscaping with these homes can also offer organic panoramic views.

Features of Luxury Homes on Sloping Sites

Luxury homes on sloping sites may obtain the following unique features:

  • Cantilever: A cantilever is a structural element that stretches horizontally and is only held by one support mechanism on one end. Properties on sloping sites can obtain this feature to give an impression of free-flow or floating action while the people are inside their respective homes.
  • Full-Glass Walls:The elegant feel of glass walls can be incorporated with luxury homes as they can provide a wide view of the surrounding landscape as well as the natural elements around them. Aside from walls, glass can also be used in making the balustrade, ponds, deck, and many more.
  • Easy Access:Access to vehicles and pedestrians is still possible with luxury homes on sloping sites. Premade steps must be a feature for homes situated on difficult sloping sites since property occupants would still want to walk around the surrounding places. Vehicle access must also be integrated with the luxury home design since sloping sites can be dangerous for driving cars. Fortunately, these access points can still be designed beautifully.

Building luxury homes on sloping sites can be difficult, but the benefits and features that you can get from them can be beneficial for you in the long run. If you want to know more about building on sloping sites, just give us a call at IKE Building.