Residential Building and Construction During Covid19: The Importance of Following Safety Measures and Protocols

29 June 2020

Numerous changes are now taking place amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Most people are now practicing social distancing to avoid the risk of getting the coronavirus. Additionally, they also follow safety measures and protocols to successfully eradicate the coronavirus in the country. These measures include the regular washing of hands, wearing masks, covering one’s cough or sneeze, and many more.

Various residential building and construction work are now also following these safety measures and protocols. And even before the spread of the coronavirus, the construction industry has been following its own set of safety measures and protocols to ensure the safety of the workers. Moreover, they comply with these rules and regulations to simply avoid any violations and possible court cases and charges.

Given the effects of COVID-19 on humans, it would be safe for construction works to just follow any added safety measures and protocols. After all, following them can help them obtain these benefits.

Reduces Health Hazards

Workers of residential building and construction projects often use equipment and tools that are already touched by other people. With the onset of COVID-19, the use of frequently touched tools and equipment can be risky, especially for people who do not typically wash their hands before and after using the equipment. When regularly washing hands with soap for at least 20 seconds, the risk of contracting coronavirus and even other diseases can be reduced by a huge percentage. Another additional safety measure that workers must follow is to practice social distancing whenever possible.

Additionally, safe handling and preparation practices must still be followed to prevent an infectious disease outbreak on the construction site. Any equipment and construction products must be cleaned and sanitised thoroughly to remove any dirt, dust, and microbes. Hazardous chemicals or gases must also be handled and stored correctly to avoid exposure to dangerous elements and diseases.

Prevents Injuries

Construction works are often conducted on sites that only rely on scaffolding and any other structural support. Even with the presence of pandemic, workers must still consider their safety when it comes to working with construction projects. One safety measure and protocol that workers must still practice is to wear appropriate attire or protective equipment. Some construction tasks still require workers to wear protective masks, gloves, and goggles. This specific practice must be followed for the safety of workers.

Aside from protective masks, gloves, and goggles, the use of a safety harness for some tasks must also be considered when dealing with specific construction tasks. Equipping workers with adequate knowledge about common workplace procedures, practices, and even behaviour is very crucial to make construction projects as smooth as possible. After all, obtaining work-related injuries in the middle of a pandemic crisis can be burdensome.

Increases Productivity

Despite the presence of the global health crisis, construction works must still produce high-quality results. When all workers follow safety measures and protocols, you can expect them to work more efficiently and more optimally in the long run. This type of performance is guaranteed since absences will be minimised, and that the fear of catching the virus will be eradicated as well.

Aside from following the protocols, a work environment that visibly takes care of the well-being of workers will also encourage workers to work harder. A great work environment typically has sanitary wipes and products available for everyone. It can also have clean, well-maintained portable comfort rooms for hygienic purposes.

When workers follow safety measures and protocols, they are ensured of a workplace that has minimal chances of obtaining diseases and injuries. For more information about safety measures and protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic, feel free to contact us at IKE Building.