Maximising Building Strategies on Sloping Sites in Melbourne

30 July 2020

Property owners who have bought flat sites are in for a treat since they do not have to worry about incurring additional expenses just to start with their actual construction plans. Those who own sloping sites, on the other hand, are typically known to face some more steps before the actual construction activities can truly start.

But contrary to popular belief, owners of sloping sites do not have to worry about all the costs and tasks that need to be covered and done. Buildings and homes that are built out of sloping sites are usually filled with eccentric, unique, and distinctive design and layout options. If you own a sloping site in Melbourne and plan to build on it, here are some building strategies that you follow for the best results.

Choosing Appropriate Elements

One key strategy on sloping sites in Melbourne is to choose the most appropriate elements for the building property and not skimp on time and money. Buying a lot in a sloping site typically presents challenges in building properties on top of it. However, both the resulting view and the opportunity to make something remarkable are present in the mentioned site. Therefore, both the property owner and the contractor must choose and agree on elements like materials, layout, and others that can make a house or a building stand out, stable, and valuable.

The design process for homes can be lengthy as it normally takes three months to complete. The excavation and the construction of both retaining walls and footings can also take time to finish. Additionally, structural steel, timber, steel posts, and deep footings are required to make everything stable, which can take numerous months to fulfill and achieve.

Maximising Orientation and Direction

Sloping sites have a certain orientation and direction that you must fully consider and maximise. Slope orientation typically deals with solar efficiency and surrounding views. If your sloping site faces north, then your living and other notable areas can be built and face in the said direction. South-facing blocks, on the contrary, can pose a problem between the views and the orientation of the building. With a great contractor, this issue can be overcome right away. 

Knowing the direction of your sloping site can help you and your contractor the possible designs for your building. A slope may either rise or fall from the road. A slope can also come from left to right or vice versa. If the sloping site is rising from the road, then it would be best for the garage to be placed underneath the building and situate living areas at ground level in the back. A split-level building, on the other hand, is great for a sloping site that falls from the road.

Finding the Right Contractor is Key

Another strategy that you must follow when building on a sloping site in Melbourne is to find the right contractor. Some contractors do not have numerous experiences in building on sloping sites, and yet, they still take the project for the sake of expanding their portfolio. There are a few them, however, that is truly worth a shot, especially if their knowledge and expertise are extraordinary. But if possible, hire a contractor that is truly adept and has notable experiences in working with sloping sites.

Going through your building design preferences, working with the right contractor can easily think of creative yet reasonable ways just to achieve all of them. Communication is also pivotal to make sure everything is set. From costing to work schedule, your contractor must be open to communicate with you to ensure every task needed or requested for the construction is covered.

Fortunately, we at IKE Building can construct your home or building on sloping sites here in Melbourne. We specialise in building residential properties such as custom homes, luxury homes on difficult and slope sites, townhouses, and apartment blocks.