Sustainable Development Trends for New Homes, Townhouses, and Multi-Developments

27 May 2020

Most industries on the planet right now are finding ways to make all their practices sustainable. Sustainability, as a concept, focuses on the interaction between the needs of the present and the future. As for the real estate industry, sustainability comes in when construction companies are keen on solving current lack or shortage of living space and long-time environmental problems. Additionally, sustainable development does not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Most sustainable development trends for new homes, townhouses, and multi-developments are leaning towards more eco-friendly, energy-efficient spaces. With sustainable development, the value of technology, energy efficiency, and sustainability can come together to make families feel more comfortable, happier, and healthier. Some design trends for sustainable development include the use of biodegradable materials, green or recycled insulation materials, and smart appliances.

Some other sustainable development trends for new homes and multi-developments include the use:

Natural Lighting

Most property owners would love it if they can receive enough sunlight inside their home spaces. Thankfully, contractors now construct homes that maximises the capabilities of the sunlight to give not only great lighting and ambience for the whole home space but also provide some health benefits for property owners. Moreover, natural daylight that is coupled with energy-efficient windows can cut down electricity usage since the need for artificial lighting is reduced by a huge percentage.

Sustainably Sourced Materials

Properties that are meant to be sustainable usually maximise the use of recycled and vintage materials. Instead of throwing old materials into landfills, contractors find ways to reprocess and reuse them. They typically use recycled metal, reclaimed wood, and even sheep’s wool to build sustainable properties. Contractors also apply the concept of upcycling and re-upholstering vintage items for a natural and individual look. Aside from reusing materials, sustainable properties use locally sourced materials to reduce carbon footprint.

Smart Technologies

The continuous improvement of smart technologies has significantly helped in constructing sustainable home properties. Contrary to their past generations, various smart devices, appliances, and other equipment are now more affordable, providing homeowners access to a technology that makes everything economical and efficient. Different tech companies also constantly update these smart products for them to minimise security vulnerabilities and reach a lot of homeowners.

Renewable Energy Solutions

The use of heating systems is essential in obtaining the right home temperature and adequate hot water consumption. While most heating systems are powered by electricity, others can be powered by renewable energy sources. Today, more and more properties are opting for renewable energy sources to power their devices and appliances as they are more affordable and sustainable. Renewable energy sources that are frequently found on onshore and offshore wind farms, biomass power stations, and hydropower systems can all reduce greenhouse gases emission and energy bills.

With these trends, homeowners are assured of great benefits out of sustainable development, especially when it comes to energy bills, overall appeal and design, and many more. If you want to know more about sustainable home development, feel free to contact us at Ike Building. In every construction and renovation project that we undertake, we always consider using environment-friendly, sustainable, and energy-efficient materials that are affordable yet will not compromise the highest building standards.