Sloping Block Builder in Melbourne: Ike Building is Your Best Choice

11 May 2020

Some people want to construct a property that is quite unique and is away from the crowded city space. These people usually end up constructing out of a sloping site. You see, a sloping site may look odd and unusual for some people, but it boasts a lot of characteristics and features that make them a great choice, even for a normal property buyer. In fact, whenever a home construction concludes in a sloping site, a lot of people are usually surprised and mesmerised on how elegant the finished home construction can be.

Features of a Sloping Block Construction

Any construction works that are done on a sloping site hugely share the same features. For one, sloping block construction allows property owners to enjoy stunning natural views of their surroundings. Sloping sites are usually located near valleys, hills, or wooded forests. So, imagine living in a home out of a sloping site where you are always greeted by the sweet colour of trees, singing hymn of birds, and other lovely natural forces. These things alone can change the way you perceive a relaxed home ambience.

And since being connected to nature is one of the key advantages of sloping block construction, the abundance of natural light also allows property owners to enjoy different health benefits. Some studies have already proved the connection of natural light to the improvement of mood, sleep cycles, and productivity. Since sloping sites are located away from tall structures and buildings, you are now capable of utilising and receiving adequate light from the environment.

The presence of steep slopes allows you to maximise extra space for a walkout basement, a couple of storeys of your home, and many more. Depending on your overall home design and architecture, you can fully utilise the type of space that you have with sloping sites. Landscaping your home property can even connect your property closer to nature. Not to mention that you are now enjoying much more privacy since you are now far from a busy neighbourhood.

Challenges in Sloping Block Construction

Even with these great things, sloping block construction must still face different challenges. One of the sloping block construction challenges is the gradient of the slope. Construction can still be easy if your sloping site has less than 10% incline, while 11-20% can still be considered as moderate. However, anything beyond 20% can be defined as steep. The increase in construction works, as well as the risk level usually starts beyond 15% incline.

Another problem with sloping block construction is whether your lot is upslope or downslope. An upslope plot usually means that the front of your house will rise to the back and is deemed as more challenging than a downslope plot. These plots, however, would still require cutting, blasting, transporting, and disposing of rocks and other earth elements.

Additional foundation works, which entail more time and cost, are also needed during sloping block construction. Most sloped sites would require more concrete, soil removal, foundation levelling, deeper and intensive excavation, retaining walls or terraces, soil retention, and specialised solutions for effective drainage and septic systems. All these works would consume higher costs and a longer construction duration.

IKE Building is the Best Sloping Block Builder

Your dream home will not be built if you do not choose and pick the best sloping block builders. Fortunately, we, at IKE Building, have the best team of experts who specialise in sloping sites and even other construction tasks. Founded in the early ’90s, we have been focusing on constructing residential building properties including custom homes, luxury homes on difficult slope sites, townhouses, and apartment blocks.

We can assure you of great quality since we encapsulate your needs and requirements depending on your aesthetics and unique taste that will match your lifestyle and modern living. We also fully understand the most important aspects of home building when it comes to quality, functionality, and style. So, in every project that we undertake, we always consider using environment-friendly, sustainable, and energy-efficient materials that are affordable yet will not compromise the highest building standards.