Important Tips for a Modern Townhouse Construction Project

26 March 2020

A townhouse is one of the most common types of residential housing around the world. Traditional townhouses are typically built next to each other, forming a long chain of houses without any gap between their respective walls.

Without any soundproofing on your structure, living in a townhouse allows you to hear your neighbours most of the time. Given these characteristics, fusing traditional townhouse with modern style and structure can help improve the overall layout of the house. Here are some important tips that you can do for your modern townhouse construction project.

Knowing the Townhouse Layout

Townhouses are built as non-uniform units that can either be detached or semi-detached houses. You can have two shared perimeter walls and one or two free facades for access, lighting, and good ventilation. One thing that you must know is that this type of house is built on several levels: living area, sleeping area, study area, storage area, and an area for a front or back garden. You have the option to build on two or more levels, which may depend on your overall preference, budget, and other factors.

Defining the Townhouse Details

Once you have studied and determined your preferred townhouse design, you can now proceed with defining the details. This process determines the characteristics of the area where the townhouse will be constructed. Professionals would study the dimensions, shape, surrounding elements, and other characteristics of the involved plot of land. Once these key elements are obtained, the functional organisation of the building will be outlined based on architectural guidelines for the compositional design. This step determines the feasible placement of living areas, sleeping areas, garage spaces, storage spaces, and other spaces in the townhouse.

Functional Division of the Townhouse

After identifying the placement of key townhouse areas, the contractors will then strategically divide these areas. This division is significant in connecting key areas seamlessly without any abrupt interruption on the whole townhouse space. For instance, your ground floor will consist of an entrance or hallways that houses your internal staircase and your study area. The staircase and the study will then lead to the living space that consists of the large kitchenette, dining area, and the living room. The anteroom, bathroom, and storage area are then created between the kitchen area and the entrance. A partially paved back garden will greet you when you open the door found in the living room.

Connection through the Staircase

Staircases are vital to townhouses. They can connect various rooms at different levels of the house. Your staircase may lead to the sleeping area that has a double bedroom with a bathroom and walk-in closet, two other bedrooms, a bathroom with ventilation and natural lighting, and a storage room. The housing unit will then be completed by large terraces on the main and rear front.

Characteristics of the Materials

Exposed brick walls covered in bush-hammered limestone can make your townhouse stand out compared to other townhouses. These surface coatings are then alternated with plastered surfaces on the front and back facades. As for your interior finishes, you can have parquet flooring in all rooms, a stoneware flooring in the garage, bathrooms, and on the terraces, pigmented concrete on stairs, wooden interior window frames, and porcelain stoneware tiles on for the bathrooms and kitchenette.

Your entrance driveway and flooring before the garden can be made up of industrial cement, while the driveway for the garage access can be paved with asphalt. A small cantilevered canopy in reinforced concrete is recommended for the pedestrian entrance gate. Brick walls coated with bush-hammered limestone covers can also be used on the perimeter wall of the entire townhouse.

Incorporating modern style and look to your townhouse construction can make your property stand out and shine on your neighbourhood. If you need help with your construction project, you can always contact us at Ike Building. We specialise in building custom designed homes and townhouses on any given sites and slopes.