Important Things to Consider When Developing Land on a Steep Slope

20 January 2020

Having a new home is certainly a good thing to happen in our life. We have successfully set out, bought, and secured a piece of land where we want to construct our home. However, not all pieces of land are the same. Some of this land may be in an area where the terrain is flat, which is easier to manage. But some land areas are characterised by a steep slope, where constructing homes and buildings may look challenging and demanding.

Buying land in a sloping site balances out the challenges that one may experience in constructing a new property. Most of the time, a block of land in a sloping site is more affordable than those land in a flat area. Moreover, the finished product in a sloping site usually entails a more beautiful outcome of a home or a building.

When developing land on a steep slope, there are certain important things for you to look out for.

Elements of Design

Crafting your home or building design on a steep slope allows you to be creative. Unlike homes in flat terrain, the unusual element of a steep slope calls for unique design options for your overall landscape. Moreover, you can play with the surrounding elements of your steep slope and incorporate them with your exterior and interior space.

View and Direction

Another element that you can utilise when developing land on a steep slope is your overall view. Constructing properties on a steep slope can help you obtain breathtaking views such as mountains, city skylines, or even the ocean. Since building properties on a steep slope is uncommon, then you can enjoy greater privacy from other people.

One important aspect to know, however, is the direction of the areas of your home. You should plan all the areas carefully since having a wrong orientation of even one of the areas can easily destroy your property. A driveway that is built without any means of draining the water whenever it rains can turn into a river in no time. Building a property without any sort of protection from strong winds can cause damage to your property.

Work Processes

There are a lot of involved work processes in building a property on a steep slope. To make the property safe to use, a lot of precautionary measures on the soil and the overall construction build of the property are done. Customising drainage and sewage, adding retaining walls, and carrying out the process of cut and fill are all done by a construction firm that has adequate expertise in building a property on a steep slope. All of these processes take time and resources to make everything work.

Overall Cost

Given the aforementioned work processes, expect that your construction development in your chosen area will cost you a lot of money. Developing properties on a steep slope can be expensive since a lot of construction challenges are met during the construction phase of the project. Moreover, hiring a construction firm with experience on steep slope development may also cost you more money than the others.

If you are developing some property on a steep slope, then you might need a developer who can help you with all the mentioned things to consider. Fortunately, we at IKE Building can help you with that. We specialise in building custom and luxury homes on difficult and slope sites.