House Extensions and Additions that Help Add Space

14 October 2019

At times, it is necessary for you to add space to your house to help accommodate the growing or changing needs for you and your family. House extensions and additions are ideal for this purpose and can be customised to fit your budgetary constraints. Since there are numerous choices of these elements for homes, we provide the top four in the following.

1. Attic or Basement Conversion

The conversion of an existing basement or attic can be an inexpensive way to gain the extra living space that you require. For one thing, the wall structural elements are already in place, which eliminates part of the construction cost. Electrical hookups and lighting also may already be in these areas of your house. Flooring, plasterboard for the walls, some type of ceiling and plumbing may all need adding depending upon the intended use of the resulting room. Decorating the room will be easy with just a coat of paint.

2. A Bump Out

The term “bump out” just means an extension that serves a singular purpose, such as a bathroom or bedroom. Many times, this is not larger than the size of one room and it attaches to the existing house. You can also use this type of extension to add about five square metres onto an existing kitchen to allow you to install a work island or to add a few metres to your small dining area.

3. Sunroom Extension

Since a sunroom is not utilised as a typical additional living space, such as a bedroom, kitchen, den or bathroom, it can be built with aluminium, thermal resistant glass for oversized windows and other prefabricated materials that just require assembly on-site at your house. Occasionally, these rooms are even simpler stick-built structures using concrete as a base. Sunrooms are for enjoying the outdoors for about three-quarters of the year. Due to the fact that they rarely include heating or air conditioning, these rooms may be a bit chilly during the winter and too hot during the hottest part of the summer.

4. Conventional Multi-Room House Extension

The largest type of home extension is the multi-room one. When you have a need for a great deal more space than your current house has and you own sufficient land, this extension can two or more rooms for your family to spread out in for additional comfort. Of course, full electrical and plumbing installations will be part of this type of house extension. Extensions this large, though, may require special permissions from local and neighbourhood authorities.

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