Build Your Luxury Custom-Designed Home This New Year

10 January 2020

If you are living in your current home for a very long time, and you feel that you want to move out, then this year might be the best time to find a new home. New years are meant to be spent with a positive outlook at life, the same goes with your achievements and milestones. Planning to move out may be easy, but finding the perfect home for you might be quite challenging.

Fortunately, there are a lot of options for your new home. You can look for properties that are currently on sale, or better yet, build your luxury custom-designed home. The latter option is best if you already own your lot. Owning one makes it easier for you to acquire and build a home that meets and even exceeds your expectations and preferences. 

Having your luxury custom-designed home can bring you a lot of advantages over other types of properties. 


From the name itself, a lot of aspects of your custom-designed home are personally picked by you. As the property owner, you have every right and opportunity to give relevant insights, opinions, and final call about anything related to your future home. Factors such as materials, construction processes, and design are all customised by you. You can also install some high-quality furniture and fixtures, futuristic appliances, and other things that could make your home personalised. Moreover, you have the option to choose whether your home has several storeys, has an expanded backyard, or just a minimal expansion outside your home proper.


A custom-designed home can give you whatever you want. Unlike pre-built homes where all homes found in a neighbourhood share the same design principles anywhere you go, custom-designed homes share a different store. Contractors are willing to hear your opinions and brief you with all the necessary things that you need to hear, such as the process and the progress of the construction. They will also help you out with the decisions that you will be giving for all the aspects of your new custom-designed home. Most importantly, contractors will respect your vision and preferences, utilising whatever you have agreed upon with them. 


As mentioned above, a custom-designed home has design principles that are according to the owner’s preferences and liking. Most times, property owners have a vision that differs from one owner to another, making custom-designed home properties different from one home to another. Your home comes out unique and distinctive, which can own a lot of one of a kind design, layout, and other elements. Your home may have rooms that are enough for you and your future children. Your home may also have a storage room that is enough to cover all your essential things. 


Since you are creating and building your own home, you now have the option to go for a more energy-efficient home build. This efficiency will help you save utility costs in the long run, as well as save the environment. Going for a series of solar panels instead of relying on other sources of power is a great way to lessen energy consumption and utility costs. These panels can also exist alongside energy-efficient appliances and the construction of indoor gardens for you to maximise savings.

This New Year would be the best time for you to build your luxury custom-designed home. If you want to have your own custom-designed home, you can consult us now at IKE Building. We can help you plan and build whatever home design you have in mind.