Benefits of Using Sustainable Materials for New Homes and Home Extensions

20 November 2019

Building a new home or even just a home extension can be remarkably exciting to most of us. We can change the way we arrange and design all the necessary things in our homes through modern looking floor layout and blueprints. We can even modify the way we view our own homes by interchanging the existing rooms or converting unused spaces into something new.

Changes made with the design and plans of a house must involve not only the physical looks but also the materials used for the construction. The material composition of your home significantly affects the life and value of your property, a small but necessary thing for you to watch out.

To make your property even more valuable not only just for you but also for future occupants, you should use sustainable materials when building or extending your home. As to why this is necessary, below are some of the benefits of using sustainable materials.

Extends Lifespan

In most cases, properties with low-class and substandard materials are quickly engulfed with flame. These properties are also prone to deterioration even after a few months of use and stay. But with sustainable materials, the maintenance of a property can be taken in long intervals since you won’t expect damages any time soon. Living in a property with sustainable materials can even be relaxing and can provide confidence to the occupants. Some sustainable materials that you can use include bamboo and cork flooring, solar panels, fibre wool carpeting, and others.

Promotes Healthier Environment

A longer lifespan of your home is best complemented with occupants feeling the same way. Since the materials used are almost natural to begin with, pollutants and harmful substances are lessened when constructing the new house or addition. Materials such as wool carpeting can even improve the air quality of a home. Plants around your yard can help you build a permanent green region on your property. An effective insulation can also prevent mould from growing.

Uses Better Framing Techniques and Style

The use of sustainable materials helps a construction company utilise advanced framing techniques for the construction of your green home. This framing technique significantly improves the energy performance and structural integrity of your house. Aside from the framing technique, sustainable materials can adapt and adjust to a wide range of design styles. Wood beams can be left exposed for a more country feel. Polished cement floors emphasise the modern appeal of a house.

Saves Money and Energy

A tremendous amount of energy is conserved when using sustainable materials. First, manufacturing sustainable materials saves a lot of waste materials since almost all raw products are used and maximised. Some of these materials are even reclaimed or recycled but still produces a durable material. Second, sustainable materials and equipment on your home can save you energy since they are efficient and cost-effective. In short, sustainable materials reduce waste, minimise energy consumption, and improves your way of living.

Bumps Property Value

Sustainable materials used in your new house or house addition can last for a very long time. This specific characteristic can already create a tremendous amount of changes in the value of your property. Property buyers want houses that can withstand a long time of use and won’t get damaged right away.

Sustainable materials are the key to your brighter future. If you want to use these materials in your new home construction project, we at IKE Building can help you with that. We are capable of planning, designing, and building construction projects that value your needs and opinions.